Do you train? Look at the contribution that nuts make

When training, it is also important to pay enough attention to the correct feeding. And when it comes to thinking about your diet, nuts they will give you a great contribution.

Why should you incorporate nuts in your diet of training?

They are a source of vegetable proteins, crucial for the recovery of muscles after exercise. Unlike animal proteins, the vegetable proteins present in nuts they do not contain cholesterol.

Being a source of carbohydrates and having a high fiber content, the fruits become a great source of energy in the long term. They are low in saturated fat, that is, they are composed of healthy fats rich in Omega 3, so they not only provide energy, but also protect the heart due to their antioxidant power.

Eating 5 nuts daily, five days a week, is ideal to deflate the abdomen as they work as an anti-inflammatory. Cashews have the least amount of fat. In addition, they have a high content of magnesium and iron. Walnuts are the highest dried fruit in omega 3 fatty acids and have almost twice as many antioxidants as any other fruit of this type.

The ideal is to consume them as a snack, after exercising. At the end of the training, the body consumes muscle glycocene stores in what is known as an anabolic window. This is the perfect time to add protein to your body, as the anabolic hormones will make the most of it.