Does Brenda Serpa not pass Alfredo Benavides?: “Gabriela, sister, she doesn’t deserve you”

After Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides, both figures of the program “J.B. on ATVs” They will appear on the program “Magaly TV La Firme” to talk about the relationship between them, her younger sister expressed her regret because he did not finish making his family official in front of the screens.

Brenda Serpawho is a candidate for Miss Peru, spoke through her social networks after the interview she did Magaly Medina to Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides‘JB on ATV’ comedians on the show program “Magaly TV The Firm”. She could not hide her indignation with the answers of the brother of Jorge Benavides.

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Brenda Serpa was outraged to see how the comedian Alfredo Benavides he did not make his sister official. As is well known, when asked about why she likes Alfredo Benavides, Gabriela Serpa He assured that “he is a nice chubby” and even said that he could fall in love with him, leaving this possibility open.

For this reason, through Instagram, Brenda Serpa He did not hesitate to write: “This is how we Serpa sisters are. We fell in love with our hearts and we were clowns. Gabriela, sister, doesn’t deserve you.” This immediately became news, as it makes it clear that she did not think it was the attitude of Alfredo Benavideswho said he wants a “polyamory”.

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Why would Alfredo Benavides not be with Gabriela Serpa?

During the interview with Magaly Medina, Alfredo Benavides He revealed the real reason why he could not maintain a sentimental relationship with Gabriela Serpa. He said he was afraid of having an affair with someone because he has been single for seven years and ending it would affect him.

“Madam, do you want to know the truth? I’m scared to death, horrible. The worst thing that can happen to me in my life is to end a sentimental relationship, it destroys me, I go to hell,” was what he ended up confessing openly Alfredo Benavides versus Magaly Medina and Gabriela Serpa in the program “Magaly TV La Firme”.