Does Carol Reali take Rafael Cardozo ‘pica’? Show her happiness with André Bankoff in concert in Chile

After the former reality boy Rafael Cardozo said that he would have preferred Carol Reali to keep a certain reserve with her new partner André Bankoff, ‘Cachaza’ seems to have ignored her ex-partner and now decided to show her happiness during a concert in Chile, at which he attended with his new lover.

Carol Reali used his Instagram account to share with his followers images and everything he experienced with andre bankoff after attending the Coldplay concert in Chile. According to all her publications, the new couple would be having a great time after leaving the city of Lima for a few days to do one of her first adventures together.

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Brazilians Carol Reali and Andre Bankoff They traveled to Chile and both wore their Coldplay band polo shirts, appearing synchronized. Upon arriving at the stadium, the ex-chica reality shared the journey they had to make, as hundreds of people attended this concert and the queues were huge as can be seen in the images.

However, inside Carol Reali and Andre Bankoff They enjoyed what would be their first concert together and even took several photos, showing themselves to be very much in love and complemented. While this was happening, in Lima, Rafael Cardozo gave an interview for Erick Osores’ YouTube channel where he was trolled by a user, because he asked him about his ex-partner.

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Tepha Loza defends Cachaza

After Raphael Cardozo asked for more discretion with his relationship to Carol Reali, Tepha Loza, a friend of hers came forward to defend her and say that I could show what she wants. “TO cachazI see her happy, I see her beautiful, more and more radiant, she has another aura (…) Let her expose, live her life, enjoy it, if the beautiful love that you have now flows, enjoy it to the fullest and if you want to expose it all the days, expose it,” he said.

In addition, regarding mourning, Tepha Loza said that it is a relative issue because life is one. “Love does not have time, mourning for those who deserve it too (…)”, said the sister of Melissa Loza, who is about to celebrate 7 months of sentimental relationship.