Does having many windows open in Google Chrome make your PC run slow? here the answer

To the date, Google Chrome It is the web browser used by millions of Internet users in various countries around the world. The service has been in the industry for many years and one of the aspects that has generated great discomfort among its users has to do with how the platform influences the devices when many windows are opened at the same time. Is it true that your PC gets slower? In this note we reveal it to you.

Until recently, although Chrome gathers millions of users, the browser did not have the ability to restrict the resources consumed by the web pages one visits. The situation became more complicated when one opened several at the same time, to the point that the computer would hang due to lack of memory and there was no other option than to forcefully close them.

However, recently, Google’s flagship service announced a new functionality called ‘Memory saving mode’, with which it is now possible to open many windows without the device crashing. To do this, the application temporarily suspends those pages that are not used and no resources are allocated to them until the user enters it again.

How to activate memory saving mode?

To enable the feature, go to Menu > Settings > Performance and tap on the controls on the right side of the screen.

In this way, the option will release the resources of the tabs that are inactive and those windows that the user uses at that moment will be prioritized. If you want to reactivate a site, just reload or press the F5 key.