Does Janet Barboza keep an eye on Mark Vito?: “I want to have him close. Is he single?”

the driver of ‘America Today’Janet Barboza, surprised by being emotional when talking about Mark Vito Villanela, ex-husband of the leader of people force, Keiko Fujimori, who has just shown his new physique and is a trend in the networks for his transformation. Thus, the popular “Rulitos” had no qualms about filling it with praise.

For a start, Janet Barboza He did not hesitate to leave his co-worker ‘little’, christian dominguez, when telling him: “Christian Domínguez sees a shoe next to him.” But the thing did not stop there, because she ended up approaching the screen to see well the biceps of Keiko Fujimori’s ex-husband, who has made an impact.

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“I want to have him close, I want to analyze those biceps”, was the first thing he said Janet Barbozaand then tell Ethel Well: Are you assuming that with those muscles he is alone? Is he single?” He responded to all this while Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter made it clear to her partner that with Mark Vito Villanella They are almost the same age and his hobby is the gym.

after that, Janet Barboza He ended up lamenting that men physically improve when they end a romantic relationship. “I don’t know if he’s alone, I don’t know if he’s single, one hangs here and it seems to me that he has a little botox. Why are men like that,” added the popular “Rulitos” in front of the cameras.

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Kyara Villanella proud of her father Mark Vito

The 15-year-old girl Kyara Villanella She was very happy with her father’s physical transformation Mark Vito Villanella. She also referred to it in the program “Send whoever is in charge” with María Pía Copello and La Carlota.

Kyara Villanella He revealed that his father has been training for a long time, since he participated in wrestling and that he wants to compete in ‘powerlifting’ (power lifting). She also noted that she seeks to follow in her father’s footsteps. “Obviously let the contest end, but it’s something I do with my dad,” she said.