Does Janick Maceta bury Andrés Wiese with a new lover?: “Calm mind, grateful heart”

A dead king, a king set? Janick Maceta celebrated his 29 years in the United States, as can be seen on his social networks. The former beauty queen enjoys being single after ending her relationship with actor Andrés Wiese. With a relaxed, happy and calm look, the sought-after model surprised with a mysterious photo next to who would be her new partner.

The former Miss Peru 2020 drew attention with a forceful message a few weeks ago, amid speculation about the end of her romance with the popular “Ricolás” from the series “Al fondo hay sitio.” “Do not ignore your intuition. Prayer is your voice, intuition is God’s answer (Never ignore your intuition, prayer is your voice, intuition is God’s answer,” she posted.

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Tonight, Saturday March 18, the beautiful janick, who was a jury member of the Latina program ‘Yo Soy’, shows herself as natural and without poses in her latest publication. “Calm mind, grateful heart,” she wrote as a description on instagram. In this sense, he shared several photos of his trip. One of them caught the attention of his followers.

It is about two hands together as if toasting with some soda cans of the ‘Hello Kitty’ character. Everything would be fine unless one of them is from a man. Everything seems to indicate that Janick Pot she would be on a trip with her new suitor, who came into her life just at the moment she needed him the most. Could it be that he completely buried Andres Wiese?

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Janick Maceta: followers congratulate her on her new life

In this new publication of his trip to the United States, Janick Pot He received endless greetings and positive comments from his followers. Not only did they highlight her beauty, but also her freshness and naturalness, which they rarely see in a model. “She is more than beautiful, she is a goddess and representative of women with values,” she reads on her wall.

More than one user noticed the detail of the hands of a man who would be his new partner. Despite having formed a nice relationship with Andres Wiese, Her fans want to see her happy in life alone or accompanied. “I repeat it for the thousandth time and I will not get tired, you deserve the world my girl”, “Total Goddess in all your looks, never touch that face that you have, beautiful Janick”.