Does Japan have its Memo Ochoa? Goalkeeper was a ‘hero’ in the match against Germany and video PROVES it: “Beautiful”

The Japanese team debuted with a historic result after beating Germany 2-1 on the first date of group E for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Without a doubt, goalkeeper Shūichi Gonda stole the looks after stopping the goals that the Germans tried to score against asian team.

If the goalkeeper of Mexico, memo ochoawas lauded for saving a penalty against Poland, Gonda took to social media for not letting former 2014 world champion Brazil take victory.

In total there were eight goal attempts that he saved from Germany, which were crucial to prevail against the rival. The only mistake he made was causing the penalty that gave the first and only point to the Europeans throughout the match.

Users surrender to Shuichi Gonda

The user @thesamelchido shared one of the most impressive moments of the Japanese goalkeeper. “memo ochoa for a penalty, but Gonda’s is simply beautiful”, reads the description of the viral video shared on TikTok.

After its dissemination, various messages have invaded social networks where they highlight Gonda’s performance and compare the Japan team with the “Super Champions” series. “Many of us saw those minutes as if we were watching the anime” or “Without Gonda they would be 6-2, Gonda is simply the best,” they said.