Does Jefferson Farfán defend himself after Melissa Klug’s lawsuit?: “Demanding, judging and condemning is easy”

Fire! Jefferson Farfán is in the eye of the storm after Melissa Klug announced that she will sue him for alleged psychological abuse of his sons Adriano and Jeremy. For this reason, the former national team would have broken his silence after the statements of the businesswomanwith various statements in their social networks.

A few hours ago, the popular ‘White of chucuito’ He spoke at length in a conversation with the production of Magaly TV La Firme, exposing that his ex-partner would have stood up their children on more than one occasion.

YOU CAN SEE:Melissa Klug will sue Jefferson Farfán for psychological damages against her children: “There is no other way”

Even, Melissa Klüg I affirm that Jefferson Farfan She would have even preferred to go with her friends to drink than see the minors, and this led her to initiate a legal process in this regard. For this reason, the prominent footballer shared a striking message that would have been a rather direct indirection to his ex.

“Living with a calm heart and a peaceful mind is priceless,” he initially said recently. However, hours later she shared another impressive paragraph that would have been for the mother of her little ones. “Demanding is easy, pointing is easy, judging is easy, condemning is easy, complaining is easy, but setting an example is difficult,” she said.

YOU CAN SEE: Jefferson Farfán patched up Melissa Klug?: “Living with a calm heart and a peaceful mind is priceless”

What did the hosts of América Hoy say about Jefferson Farfán?

Given the striking publications of America Today, the drivers could not stop speaking out and not only supported Melissa Klugg, but they surprised by offering to Jefferson Farfan a place for you to go out and make your discharges.

“The cameras of America Today are also for you, it is not that we are on one side,” he said Ethel Well, to which was added Janet Barboza moments later. “Jefferson Farfán has every right to speak out, we not only defend women, let’s be objective,” he concluded. Oops!