Does Jefferson Farfán launch a new hint at Magaly?: “I like to hear lies, when I know the whole truth”

He spoke loud and clear. Jefferson Farfán is on everyone’s lips after it was announced that the sentence of his trial against Magaly Medina will be read at the end of the month, and this time he would have issued a striking statement in this regard.

In their social networks, the popular ‘Farfan Seal‘ has been sharing curious messages that could be taken as hints, and this time he could not stop speaking again with a message that would be specifically addressed to the ‘Urraca’.

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As you know, a few days ago Magaly Medina denounced alleged irregularities in his process with Jefferson Farfan, which began due to a defamation complaint four years ago. Since then, the former soccer player has sent curious messages and even his lawyer shared a notarized letter to deny the ATV driver.

On this occasion, the ex-partner of Yahaira Plasencia and Melissa Klug surprised by using the stories on her official Instagram account, and shared a message that many users indicated would be for Alfredo Zambrano’s wife. “I like to hear the lies, when I know the whole truth”, was what she said. Along with these words, she shared some curious emojis in which she laughed and covered her mouth. Will it be a provocation?

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Magaly Medina will appeal Jefferson Farfán’s lawsuit

A few days ago, in an interview with Trome, Magaly Medina He referred to the evidence he presented after the ex-soccer player’s defamation lawsuit Jefferson Farfan and that everything was recorded from a simple view, he did not intervene or violate anyone’s privacy. For this, he announced that he will appeal his claim.

“We have presented a lot of evidence, what’s more, I think that this case returned to zero pages and has started again with an impressive speed. He accuses me of breaking into his house like a thief to steal, when what was seen was recorded with the simple sight, it’s like the case of Cuto’s wife, everything was recorded from outside the hotel,” he said.

In addition, Magaly Medina He specified that there is no longer any reason or any way to continue with the confrontation, since Jefferson Farfan He is no longer with the sauce boat and he ‘cut’ the former baseball player’s lawyer. “I don’t know if his lawyer is more spiteful and hates more than Farfán himself, because I don’t understand. He is no longer with Yahaira. (…) I think the level of fixation that some players have with my program and with me seems amazing” , sentenced.