Does Magaly Medina use drones for her ‘ampays’? Journalist reveals his secret

Came out to clarify! Magaly Medina decided to put an end to the accusations against her and her investigation team, after the lawyer for Jefferson Farfan will ensure that the journalist used drones to “protect” Farfán with Yahaira in his Miraflores apartment, where it was speculated that the couple had resumed their relationship.

Thus, El Farfán affirmed that Magaly had violated her privacy and that the journalist used powerful filming equipment from the front building using a drone. Likewise, she explained that in said house he carries out his intimate, personal and family life, so that the report exposed in the Magaly program is not related to his sports activity.

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What has Magaly Medina said about it? In the following lines we tell you.

Magaly Medina reveals what equipment her researchers use

During her live program, the host decided to speak out and revealed the high-end equipment that she supposedly used for her ‘ampays’. With the help of her cameraman, she showed the instrument that “traps” infidels to the cameras.

“This complaint for violating your privacy, which one? I have never entered his apartment, we as journalists who capture what is within our sight”, commented the ‘Urraca’.

That is why he detailed how his ‘magpies’ take the shots and what tricks they use for their investigations.

“He has used drones,” he says. (..) Wow, they give us more credit than we deserve. I am modestly going to show you ‘the drone’. This is, for those who do not surprise the judges, so that the lawyer does not surprise his client either.”

“This is a video recorder like the one you might have at home. This is a camera, only it’s 4K, state of the art. It has good zoom,” she revealed.

Magaly stressed that her researchers were in Barranco and from there they captured the images. Having said this, he specified that they have not entered the ex-soccer player’s department as is believed.

“We are a channel, but we don’t have much money, the jackals are the ones who manage. We have not entered his house, we have not invaded his privacy, ”said Magaly.

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How much has Jefferson Farfán asked Magaly for the ‘ampay’ with Yahaira?

In September 2019, Magaly Medina made public that Jefferson had sued her for 5 million soles after the dissemination of images of the former Alianza Lima soccer player with the salsa singer.

However, the journalist indicated that she will defend herself against the accusations brought against her.

“Farfán is prosecuting me for 5 million soles, for making fun of him. Because what I could read in the file is that, he says that I speak ironically, but how do you want me to speak?” Magaly tells in an interview for the Trome.