Does Melissa Paredes go royal for her dancer? undergoes peptone treatment [VIDEO]

It gets regal. In recent days much has been said about the model and former television host, Melissa Paredes who is enjoying a vacation in a beach house.

As revealed, the ancient driver of america today She would be spending her hot days with the dancer Anthony Aranda, with whom she was sheltered a few weeks ago.

Everything indicates that the model would have decided to confirm her relationship with the well-known ‘Activator kitten’, since she is no longer hidden and continues to publish different photos where the artist’s relatives are observed.

Thus, in one of her recent Instagram stories, the ex-partner of Rodrigo Cuba decided to undergo a popular butt lift and tightening treatment.

It would be the acquaintance peptone-based procedure, which many women of the peruvian celebrity They claim to have applied in the derrier and thus achieve a ‘body of infarction’.

According to social networks the model would be doing all this to get the attention of who is now her partner; However, she ignores the criticism and goes on with her life.

Ale Venturo ‘defends’ his romance with El Gato Cuba

Thus, when seeing the social networks of who would be the new love of Rodrigo Cuba , we observe a story where the lady publishes a quote from Gabriel García Márquez who defends love.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez He said: Neither love is a cage, nor freedom is being alone. Love is the freedom to fly together, it is to leave without possessing. And how right in his words ”, it reads.