Does Valery Revello accuse Sergio Peña of not spending time with his daughter?: “Your banalities can wait”

Fire! Valery Revello does not save anything when giving his opinion and this was evidenced with a series of messages that he shared in his social networks, where he would be sending more than one ‘little’ to Sergio Peña and his role as a father of a family. What did he say? We tell you HERE.

On his official account Instagram, the influencer He published several statements in his stories, which would be a fairly direct response to a post from his ex-partner, who uploaded a cute photo with his daughter saying: “How I miss you.” Let’s remember that while he lives in Malmo, Sweden, the minor is with her mother in Lima, Peru.

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This time, Valery Revello would have accused Sergio Pena of not spending quality time with the minor. “Children come first. Your family, your friends and your banalities can wait, ”he initially wrote, but this was not all, since he later shared an important reflection where he would make strong statements about his ex.

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What would Valery Revello have said about Sergio Peña and his attitudes?

On your same platform, Valery Revello He uploaded a controversial capture where he emphasizes how some parents appear to love their children just for social networks, but in daily life they would not show it as it should. This would also be a clear dart to Sergio Penaalthough he did not say his name exactly.

“What’s up with the vatos who are fathers and don’t take care of their children but post photos of the children as phrases ‘I love you son’… Children don’t eat love and photos on Facebook, don’t be a hypocrite, have little pants to be like that”, is possible to read.

“How easy it is to spend your money on the peda but not on medicine, clothing or shoes for your children. And if you’re not going to take charge, leave completely, don’t post pictures. You do more damage to them by going to see them once a month, better leave it and hopefully it will not be too late when you regret it ”, also says the post that he shared Valery Revello.