Dog saves life of injured hiker by heating it up for more than 13 hours

A dog became a lifeguard for a hiker in Croatia. The man had fallen from the top of a ravine in the middle of the snow, when the pet came to the place and leaned on him for more than 13 hours to warm him up.

Grga Brkic He was seriously injured after falling 150 meters from the top of a mountain with his cousin’s dog. After being immobilized, the man contacted the aid service, however, the difficult terrain prevented the rescuers from advancing.

However, the Alaskan malamute dog did his best to keep the hiker alive, as his instincts led him to lean on him to keep warm.

“Friendship and love between man and dog are limitless,” said the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) via Facebook. In the image published on social networks, the dog is seen leaning on the man.

“This little dog is a true miracle, sweet and pleasant,” the owner of the dog described to the newspaper Jutarnji List. The animal remained with the injured man at all times and warmed him for more than 13 hours until the arrival of rescuers.

“North (dog’s name) rolled over (the victim) and heated her (…) From this example, we can all learn to take care of each other,” said HGSS through its official account.