DolarToday and Dollar Monitor: price of the parallel dollar TODAY, Thursday, April 20, in Venezuela

Dollar today determined the dollar price in Venezuela to 25.02 bolivarsmeanwhile Dollar Monitor updated in 24.89 the average of the us currency for TODAY, Thursday April 20, 2023. For his part, the dollar BCV was established in 24.56, according to the most recent official report. The difference in the rate of dollar It is due to the black market of exchange houses that exist in the country, the same ones that the State does not control or intervene. This exchange rate is usually well above the official dollar.

DolarToday: price of the dollar TODAY, Thursday, April 20, in Venezuela

The DolarToday portal established a price of Bs.25.02 per dollar today, Thursday, April 20, 2023.

DolarToday Calculator

Dollars (US$)
Bolivares (Bs.)
$10Bs. 250.20
$20Bs. 500.40
$50 Bs 1,251.00
$100Bs. 2,502.00

Dollar Monitor: parallel dollar price TODAY, Thursday April 20

TO 24.89 bolivars The price of the dollar in Venezuela was updated, according to the Monitor Dollar portal.

Average dollar in Venezuela: value of @EnParaleloVzla3 TODAY, Thursday April 20

The page @InParallelVzla shows an average of Bs. 25.28 per dollar, according to the last update.

What is the price of the BCV dollar TODAY, Thursday April 20?

He Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) set a value of Bs 24.56 per dollar for today, Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

Yummy Dollar: this is how the dollar is trading in Venezuela today, Thursday, April 20

TO 24.56 bolivars the price of the dollar in Venezuela is maintained, according to the platform of Yummy Dollar.