DolarToday and Monitor Dollar: this is the price of the dollar after the elections in Venezuela

This Monday, November 22, Dollar today The week starts with a price lower than the official rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela, which continues at 4.54 bolivars. After the regional and local elections held last Sunday, the parallel price has reacted in the Caribbean country.

The price of DolarToday dawned at 4.49 bolivars this Monday, November 22, while in Cúcuta, a city on the border with Colombia, it is quoted at 5.57 Bs. Below this threshold is the updated price of Dollar Monitor (@MonitorDolarWeb), being at 4.94.

The Sputnik agency reported that the election of regional and municipal authorities in Venezuela was marked by the absence of lines outside the polling stations and the speed of the voting system.

In the afternoon, the president of the CNE, Pedro Calzadilla, pointed out that the inconveniences that were registered at the time of opening the voting tables were solved.

The day began at 6:00 am (10:00 GMT) and, although it was scheduled to end at 18:00 pm (22:00 GMT), the CNE extended the process and it prohibited the closure of centers where there were people waiting to vote.

Meanwhile, opposition leaders rejected the extension of the voting hours, as they assured that at 6:00 p.m. there were no voters in the centers and that It was a strategy of the Nicolás Maduro regime to get more votes.

Maduro, on the other hand, declared that after the local and regional elections there will be “more dialogue, political understanding, coexistence and harmony”, although he affirmed that “there are no conditions” to re-install the negotiating table with the opposition.

For this November 22, the official price of the BCV is 4.54 bolivars.

Dollar Monitor today, November 22, sets the value at Bs. 4.94, according to the @ monitordolar.vzla account on Instagram.

On Sunday, November 21, the price of DolarToday was Bs. 4.95 per dollar.

After 12.00 am, the CNE offered the first official results of the elections, mostly favorable to Chavismo.

With information from Sputnik