Dollar BCV in the Central Bank of Venezuela today, November 24, 2021

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) this Wednesday, November 24, 2021, presented the price of the dollar after the regional and local elections were held, in which Chavismo obtained a landslide victory. This is the official rate established by the Nicolás Maduro regime to counteract the parallel market after the first exchange control measures.

Dollar Monitor on its social media accounts, DolarToday on its portal, and Yummy Dollar Web are the main spreaders of the parallel dollar. Given this, the BCV shows the official rate established from Monday to Friday in operations between private and public banks.

The Parlasur Democracy Observatory, Mercosur’s advisory body, presented its preliminary report on the regional and local elections in Venezuela, highlighting the “low presence” of electoral witnesses from political parties and coalitions in the voting centers.

Seven considerations were highlighted in the text, such as the fact that the mission received information at the polling stations visited on the need to replace polling station members due to absenteeism, “which characterized the constitution of the polling stations.”

The exchange rate published by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) is the weighted average that results from the daily operations of the active exchange desks of the participating banking institutions.

The BCV value date is Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

One dollar is equivalent to 4,543 30,000 bolivars, according to the latest update from the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

The BCV reports the official price of the dollar, but also of other currencies valued by Maduro’s financial team for various activities. One euro is trading at Bs. 5,110 21297, a yuan at 0.71089031, a Turkish lira at 0.35964884 and a ruble at 0.06063238 bolivars.

DolarToday reflected a price parallel to Bs. 4.98 early on Wednesday, November 24, after the regional and local elections in Venezuela last Sunday.

Monitor Dollar Vzla on his Instagram account (@enparalelovzla), shows that his latest average is 4.83 bolivars.

According to DolarToday, the border city of Cúcuta prices the dollar at Bs. 5.57.

The Venezuelan authorities detected 785 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, all due to community transmission, reported the executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez.

“The Presidential Commission for the Prevention, Attention and Control of COVID-19 reports that in the last hours 785 new infections were registered in Venezuela, all by community transmission,” he said on his Twitter account.

Anzoátegui was the state with the most cases with 128, Miranda with 119, Monagas with 91, Mérida with 79, Zulia with 76, Barinas with 55, Caracas with 53, La Guaira with 39 and Táchira with 38.