Dollar BCV in the Central Bank of Venezuela today, Sunday, November 21, 2021

Venezuela will experience regional and local elections this Sunday in which the opposition calls its supporters to go to the polls after two years of absence. Therefore, the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) presented the price of the dollar until Tuesday, November 23. This is the official rate that the Nicolas Maduro established in the country to counteract the parallel market, which emerged after the first exchange control measures.

DolarToday on your portal, Dollar Monitor on your social media accounts and Yummy Dollar Web they are the main diffusers of the parallel dollar. Given this, the BCV shows the official rate established from Monday to Friday in operations between private and public banks.

After making several calls for abstention, the main challenge of the detractors of the Government of Nicolás Maduro is to seduce a majority tired citizens who, according to the polls, want a change in the country.

However, the numerous calls not to participate in the previous years have made a dent in the possible supporters of the opposition, who are now wary of going to the polls, considering that the conditions are not optimal.

To this is added the greatest evil of the anti-Chavistas: the eternal fights to appear in the photo that have returned to the front line in these elections.

The disputes even reached the physical confrontation between candidates in the southern state of Bolívar (bordering Brazil), where the former opposition deputy Américo de Grazia was slapped by the also anti-Chavista candidate Raúl Yusef in front of the head of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union (EOM-EU), Isabel Santos.

The exchange rate published by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) is the weighted average that results from the daily operations of the active exchange desks of the participating banking institutions.

The BCV value date is Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

One dollar is equivalent to 4,543 50,000 bolivars, according to the latest update from the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

The BCV reports the official price of the dollar, but also of other currencies valued by Maduro’s financial team for various activities. One euro is trading at Bs. 5,138 24415, a yuan at 0.71147823, a Turkish lira at 0.40688302 and a ruble at 0.06183214 bolivars.

DolarToday reflects a parallel price of 4.95 Bs. Early this Friday, November 19.

Monitor Dollar Vzla on his Instagram account (@enparalelovzla), already updated his figures at 1.00 pm with an average of 5.00 bolivars.

According to DolarToday, the border city of Cúcuta trades the dollar at 5.57 bolivars.

The Yummy Dollar exchange rate is at 4.48 Bs. At 12.30 pm