Dollar BCV in the Central Bank of Venezuela today, Thursday, November 25

The dollar price For this Thursday, November 25, it was already established by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), which is the entity in charge of applying the official rate after the permission granted for years by the Nicolás Maduro regime to counteract the parallel market.

The official rate of the BCV is the answer to DolarToday and Monitor Dollar, which are the main diffusers of the parallel dollar. Meanwhile, it is planned that in the afternoon of this Thursday, November 25, it will be updated the price of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

It is a price that has not been largely affected by the effect of last Sunday’s elections where the European Union (EU) observation mission reported irregularities, such as arbitrary disqualification of candidates or ‘red dots’ in centers of vote.

“The electoral process showed the persistence of structural deficiencies, although conditions improved” compared to “previous national elections”, indicates the document delivered by the EU to the National Electoral Council (CNE) and the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

The head of the observer delegation, the Portuguese Isabel Santos, announced that she will return to Venezuela “at the end of January, the beginning of February” to present a final report. Maduro warned the previous Saturday that the bloc cannot “give a verdict” on the process.

The exchange rate published by the BCV is the weighted average that results from the daily operations of the active exchange desks of the participating banking institutions.

The BCV value date is this Thursday, November 25, 2021.

One dollar is equivalent to 4 564,000.00 bolivars, according to the Central Bank of Venezuela.

The BCV also published the official rate for the euro (5 111 725.64 Bs.), Yuan (0.71401752), Turkish lira (0.37304039) and rubles (0.06092660 bolivars).

On November 24, before the BCV update, the price of the dollar was 4,543,300.00 Bs.