Dollar BCV today, Tuesday 23: official price of the dollar at the Central Bank of Venezuela

This Tuesday, November 23, the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) presented the price of the dollar, a figure that will be updated in the course of the afternoon after the regional and local elections, in which Chavismo obtained a landslide victory last Sunday. . The official rate was established by the Nicolas Maduro to counteract the parallel market after the first exchange control measures.

Monitor Dollar on your social media accounts, DolarToday on your portal, and Yummy Dollar Web they are the main diffusers of the parallel dollar. Given this, the BCV shows the official rate established from Monday to Friday in operations between private and public banks.

The ruling Chavismo won the mayoralty of Caracas on Sunday and 20 of the 23 governorships in the regional elections of Venezuela in a process in which the opposition He participated again after years of boycotts and calls to abstain.

However, for the United States, the electoral elections in Venezuela “do not reflect the will of the people”, as stated by Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a lengthy statement.

“The arbitrary arrests and harassment of political and civil society actors, the criminalization of the activities of opposition parties, the banning of candidates across the political spectrum, the manipulation of voter lists, the persistent censorship of the The media and other authoritarian tactics practically stifled political pluralism and guaranteed that the elections did not reflect the will of the Venezuelan people, ”he added.

The United States and 50 other countries do not recognize Maduro’s re-election in 2018 as fraudulent.

The exchange rate published by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) is the weighted average that results from the daily operations of the active exchange desks of the participating banking institutions.

The BCV value date is this Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

One dollar is equivalent to 4,543 50,000 bolivars, according to the latest update from the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

The BCV reports the official price of the dollar, but also of other currencies valued by Maduro’s financial team for various activities. One euro is trading at Bs. 5,138 24415, a yuan at 0.71147823, a Turkish lira at 0.40688302 and a ruble at 0.06183214 bolivars.

DolarToday reflected a parallel price of 4.75 Bs. Early on Tuesday, November 23, after the regional and local elections in Venezuela last Sunday.

Monitor Dollar Vzla on his Instagram account (@enparalelovzla), shows that his latest average is 4.85 bolivars.

According to DolarToday, the border city of Cúcuta quotes the dollar at 5.57 bolivars.

The Yummy Dollar exchange rate is at 4.54 Bs. At 7.49 am

On Monday, November 22, the BCV dollar was trading at 4 543 50 000 Bs.

With information from AFP