Dominican artists “get a taste” for documentaries

As part of the audiovisual industry, so fashionable these days, Dominican singers have not wanted to limit their muse only to music, but have also decided to bring their lives, their experiences, and their passions to documentaries.

Romeo Santos, Juan Luis Guerra, Natti Natasha, Jimmy Bauer, Chichí Peralta, Covi Quintana, Nathalie Peña Comas, among others, have made documentaries about topics they are passionate about, or their own lives.

The most recent to adopt a project of this line is the singer-songwriter Daniel Santacruz, who released his documentary on Wednesday, “Larimar, the blue stone”, which has “the objective of making the importance, value and history of this unique stone in the world even more known, a gem that is only found in the Dominican Republic, specifically in Barahona”, according to a statement sent by his work team.

After having released his seventh album called “Larimar” in 2020, the Latin Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, who has always been in love with the blue stone, launched into developing this project.

In the documentary, Daniel visits the Sierra de Bahoruco, enters the mine, talks with the miners, meets with artisans, interviews designers, trade professionals and connoisseurs of the history and production of our beautiful stone, thus creating a documentary of 27 minutes, produced by Santacruz himself and directed by Luis Gómez.

“This is a very special project for me. I have always felt a very strong attraction towards Larimar. Everything was connecting, first I wrote a song inspired by the stone, then I named an album after it and seeing that many people asked me and wanted to know more about the stone, I decided to make this documentary”, the artist stated.

The documentary “Larimar, the blue stone”, premiered during a meeting at the Caribbean Cinemas facilities in the Downtown Center, sponsored by Altice, is available on the artist’s official YouTube channel, @DanielSantacruzMusic.

Before Daniel Santacruz presented his documentary “Larimar”, the list of Dominican artists who have presented documentaries also includes the bachatero Romeo Santos with his “Romeo Santos: The King of Bachata”, where his fans were able to enjoy the concert he held in 2019, in New York, together with the other former members of the Aventura group and the testimony of personalities who spoke of the importance of Santos in that popular Dominican rhythm, also carried out by his record company and nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022 for Best Long Form Music Video.

“The history of bachata is part of my history as an artist. It is the genre that allowed me to become the first artist to achieve a full house at Metlife Stadium, something that has not been repeated yet,” Santos said.

In October 2021, the urban artist Natti Natasha moved her audience internationally when she announced that she would reveal important information about her life after going public with her sentimental relationship with her manager, producer Raphy Pina, and that she was in the sweet waiting for her eldest daughter, Vida Isabelle.

From “Everybody Loves Natti”, several news items emerged that attracted attention, among them, the marriage proposal that “La Dura de las duras” received from the Puerto Rican businessman. In the same way, the house that he gave to his two aunts and the emotional moment in which his eldest children found out that they would have another sister.

One of the first to venture into these types of video and sound works was the musician Chichí Peralta, who in 2011 reflected in “Inside Japan” his experience in Japan together with a message of unity between the continents through music, “regardless of the distance between latitudes.

On a more sober level, the singer Jimmy Bauer decided to tell on his YouTube channel “The Documentary”, the nightmare he experienced when in 2010 he almost lost his life trying to travel to the United States with 88 heroin capsules lodged in his stomach and for which he was deprived of liberty for four years.

Covi Quintana

In September 2019, the Dominican pop singer Covi Quintana was motivated by love for her followers and for her album “Sin Pausa” to collect the entire recording process of that album and publish it in a documentary with the same name. It was the first time that a job of this type was carried out in the country, which she mentions a year and three months, the time it took her to make the musical production.

“What makes this documentary special is that it is based on the phrase ‘the things we do and the things that make us’, as it not only focuses on Covi, but also on the musicians and producers involved in making this record a today a reality”, explained Quintana, during the premiere of the film, held in projection rooms of the Palacio de Blue Mall.

Juan Luis Guerra

The award-winning Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra presented his concert from the Dominican Republic, “Entre Mar y Palmeras” on HBO Latin America on June 3, 2021. The Grammy Award winner performed a heady mix of new and classic hits, including “La Bilirubina,” “Burbujas de Amor” and a new arrangement of his career-launching anthem, “Ojalá que llueva café.”

The dembow has its documentary since September 8, 2022 through Amazon and by the hand of director Rodrigo Rodríguez and as executive producer Jessy Terrero. Exponents such as Kiko El Crazy, Yailin La Más Viral, Chimbala, Bulin 47, Ceky Viciny, La Peversa, Bulova, El Crow, La Materialista, Pablo Piddy, Lírico en la casa, among others, participate in it.

Outside of music is that of the showman Carlos Sánchez premiered at the end of last October the documentary film “Humor in the times of COVID”, directed by Ernesto Alemany.

The cut represents an initiative very different from everything that the actor had also done until then. In this he narrates his experience trying to make humor during the pandemic and the adventures that happened to be able to return to the stage.

In addition to the direction of Alemany, who has been at the forefront of films highly favored by critics, such as La Gunguna, Lucky 7 and La Musiquita Por Dentro, it was executive produced by Leticia Tonos, who also has important works up her sleeve. Dominican films, such as Mis 500 Locos, Cristo Rey and La Hija Natural, among others.