Dominican artists say present tonight at Latin Grammy Awards

Tonight will take place one of the most anticipated events by artists and their fans, the Latin Grammy Awards. A powerful reason to celebrate the best of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking music.

And it couldn’t be otherwise! After a difficult period for the entertainment industry following its lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the lights are back on.

Dominican artists have not wanted to be left out of this celebration and have achieved a large number of nominations, we will also see some of our own on stage who will sing or present categories.

This is the case of Juan Luis Guerra.

The renowned Dominican singer-songwriter once again stomps on that stage as one of the artists with the most nominations, including the recording of the year for his song “Dios thus lo lo”, in duet with Ricardo Montaner, and his album “Privé”, with the which aspires to record of the year, album of the year and best traditional pop vocal album, respectively.

The latest album by the renowned artist is the one that has earned him another of his four nominations for the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards. The album “Privé” was released at the end of 2020 and consists of five songs: the reinterpretations of the hits “Las Wasps “,” To ask for your hand “and” I hope it rains coffee “, plus two original songs,” Where your kisses are born “and” Pambiche de novia “.

Thus, “Privé” has won the nominations for album of the year, best traditional pop vocal album, best tropical song for “Pambiche de novia” and best arrangement for “Ojalá que llueva café”. As if that were not enough, the Dominican singer-songwriter also aspires to the award for best long version music video for “Entre mar y palmeras”.

In addition, Rita Indiana, Manny Cruz, Luis Segura, Fernando Villalona, ​​Covi Quintana, Sergio Vargas, Alcover and Alexandra received mentions in this edition.

After the threat of almost being left out due to lack of proposals, this year the category of best merengue and / or bachata album is full of Dominican names.

In it, the Creoles Alexandra compete with “Bachata queen”; Manny Cruz, “Love dance merengue”; Luis Segura, “The father of bachata, his legacy (Yearned I, II, III, IV)”; Sergio Vargas, with “Es merengue, is there a problem?”, And Fernando Villalona with “Insanity”.

Dominican singer Rita Indiana competes in the category of best new artist.

At 44, Rita Indiana said she feels like “the grandmother” of the Latin Grammy nominees for best new artist.

The Dominican singer-songwriter and writer, who returned to the music scene after a decade of absence with “Mandinga Times” in 2020, is the oldest of a group of emerging and emerging artists mostly in their twenties.

“In Santo Domingo there is an expression that says’ I neither look for it nor lick it, but if they give it to me I will screw it,” he recently told the AP agency.

“I am never after awards, really, neither literary nor musical. It is not something that I like very much or work for that, but it is always a joy to know that you are recognized, even if it is in a category as strange as this one ”.

In the category of best singer-songwriter album is the Dominican Covi Quintana with her album “Tomorrow I write another song for you.”

The Dominican urban producer and singer-songwriter Alcover is another of the nominees in the best urban fusion / performance category for his song “El amor es una moda” along with Puerto Rican reggaeton Don Omar and Spanish singer Juan Magán.

Another who has several nominations and will perform at the gala is the Puerto Rican singer of Dominican origin Ozuna.

In addition to his nominations, the Latin Recording Academy notified that the Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra will have a special participation in the gala and Milly Quezada will participate as presenter of one of the categories.

The actress and television presenter and former Dominican beauty queen Clarissa Molina will participate in the backstage of the Latin Grammy Awards.

“I’m happy, very happy, it really was what I was missing,” said the Santiago-born actress.

The Latin Grammy gala will return on November 18 to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, after having been held in Miami.