Dominican cinema dazzles in India with the premiere of “Rafaela”

The Dominican actress Judith Rodríguez is in India presenting to the world for the first time the film “Rafaela”, a film that is an official selection of the renowned International Film Festival of India in Goa, considered one of the most important in the world.

“Rafaela” is the letter of introduction that the Dominican Republic shows in this festival as a country, with a history that honestly reflects the colors of Dominican society.

“We look for that powerful realism of the families, of the young people, of the boys and girls of the most marginalized neighborhoods. It doesn’t matter where we come from, there is always a way to grow in community ”, added Tito Rodríguez, director of the film.

The cast of this film is led by actress Judith Rodríguez, who plays the central character “Rafaela”, along with actors such as Manuel Raposo, Gerardo “El cuervo” Mercedes, Esmailyn Morel, Luinis Olaverría and Anderson Mojica, among others, who make up a front-line cast to deliver a representative work of Creole cinema.

The script for “Rafaela” was written by Cristian Mojica (Azul Magia), directed by Tito Rodríguez (The Reyna family), and produced by Destiny’s Film, Mentes Fritas, Panamericana, Danilo Reynoso and Hony Estrella.

“Coming to such a distant country and seeing how all eyes are focused on a Dominican production fills me with pride, and reiterates the growth of our cinema. It is an honor to carry our flag high with this piece that has been in production for so many years and that is finally presented here in India, where all the press and people have commented positively, moving us until we were speechless, “said Judith Rodríguez.

Held annually, the India International Film Festival aims to provide a common platform for filmmakers from around the world to showcase their talents and present cinema excellence, as by bringing together film cultures, the festival enables the understanding of various social and cultural values ​​and appreciation of world cinema.

The festival is run jointly by the Film Festival Directorate (under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) and the state government of Goa, India.