Dominican cinema points to seven sequels in its history

Not always in the cinema the sequels will be a failure. In Hollywood there are dozens of films in which their second parts have been better and more successful than their predecessors.

“The Godfather: Part 2” 1974 (Francis Ford Coppola), “Deadly Weapon”, 1989 (Richard Donner), “Terminator 2: The Last Judgment” 1991 (James Cameron) and “Planet of the Apes: Confrontation” 2014 ( Matt Reeves) are some of the films that have broken with this myth.

In local cinema there are also its sequels and even third parties. Félix Manuel Lora, a voice specialized in film criticism, understands that the second parts have not worked in the world “because perhaps they do not meet the expectations of the first. Always a second part is conditioned by the success that a film may have had ”.

For January 28 in the United States and February 17 in the country, Manny Pérez returns with a second part of the film “La Soga” with which he debuts as a director.

“La Soga” would be added to the five Dominican films that have shown second parts and that like so many others in the world, it has been difficult to beat the first.

The first part of the 2009 action movie, directed by Josh Crook, told the story of Luisito, a brave man who risks everything to find justice.

In the new script, he picks up a story in which a former hit man struggles to rescue the love of his life, while facing his inner demons and his violent past.

With an overwhelming fusion of pathos and action, veteran Dominican actor, writer and producer Manny Pérez makes an impressive directorial debut with this long-awaited sequel “La Soga,” highlights the portal.

Then he adds: “Following the former hitman known as” La Soga “in this second part, he is drawn back to” The underworld. “

“Having fled his violent past many years ago, Luisito (Pérez), formerly known as La Soga, wants nothing more than to settle down and start a family with his girlfriend Lía (Sarah Jorge Leon) in the quiet town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. “, tells part of the synopsis of this feature film.

Years after his last job as a highly sought-after hit man, Luisito settled with his girlfriend Lia in a quiet coastal town, he relates.

Unfortunately, they don’t enjoy peace for long, as Lia is kidnapped by someone who wants Luisito to use her abilities one last time.

With Lia’s life at stake, Luisito faces a group of dangerous assassins, including a particularly mysterious one who has long waited for the opportunity to even the score with his rival, La Soga.

Super Dad “(2017) also has a second part. Roberto Ángel Salcedo records his first sequel as a director under the title “Super familia”, which will premiere next weekend.

The production company Miranda Films and Caribbean Films Distribution will premiere “Super familia” on January 20.

It is a new episode in the life of Juan Antonio (Roberto Ángel Salcedo -Súper Papá / 2017) and his family.

The cast is made up of Manolo Ozuna, Ana Carmen León, Eddy Herrera, Sandra Berrocal, Juan Carlos Pichardo, Gabi Desangles, Orlando Urdaneta, Juan La Mur, Freddyn Beras Goico, among other local figures.

On this occasion, with seven children and his pregnant wife, they get involved in a business where they are deceived by their partner, and this puts the whole family on the verge of losing everything, and only the union and the strength of will be decisive to succeed. of this process and other situations full of hilarity.

“After two years of filming this film, it is a joy to see our productions again on the big screen. This particular story promotes the value of family unity, appeals to feelings of solidarity. For this reason, we invite the whole family to accompany us to the movies, laugh and enjoy the story, while taking home a beautiful message, “said the production company Miranda Films in a statement.

The filmmaker Ángel Muñiz was the first to bring to the screen a new version of his successful film “Nueba Yol, Balbuena finally arrived” (1995) with the title “Nueva Yol 3: under the new law” (1997) and that according to what he told Listín Diario, he filmed this second version in response to the project. that was presented in California in 1994, Law 187, which was against immigrants in the United States, making it clear that he did not film the film for commercial reasons. “The same energy is spent and in the end you don’t have a new story,” Muñiz said when referring to the issue.

At present it would be something that Ángel Muñiz would not do again, since “the same energy is spent and in the end there is no new story,” according to what he told LISTÍN DIARIO two years ago.

Muñiz said that he filmed “Nueba Yol 3” in response to the bill that was presented in California in 1994, Law 187, which was against immigrants in the United States. “I remember wondering how I could do anything to counteract that, which was a terrible thing for immigrants; So that’s when I got the idea that the death of Balbuena (the main character of Nueba Yol 3) was a bit magical; that is, it was not known for sure if he was alive. And that’s when the idea came to me to make Nueba Yol 3, under the new law, ”Muñiz recalled.

Then he added: “Many at the time thought I made this sequel to make money, but I don’t make movies with that intention.” Regarding the films in sequence, Muñiz explained that it is almost a prostitution, since the main objective of the seventh art is to make a new story, whether of comedy, horror or drama, and the important thing is to encourage the industry with each story .

+ Three sequels

Definitely that in Dominican cinema the comedy genre has been the highest grossing, being here where the directors have dared to film three versions such as “Lotoman” and “Sanky Panky”.

In 2011, director Archie López manages to catapult comedians Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes with the film “Lotoman”.

In 2012 he presented “Lotoman 2.0”, a film that managed a larger budget, approximately 47 million pesos and with which López won two sovereign awards such as “Best Film” and “Best Director”. Two years later, in 2014 “Lotoman 3.0” was released.

“Lotoman started out as a good comedy, in the second and third it became a different kind of movie and the twist favored the film,” says Lora.

If there was a successful film both in the country and in the United States, it has been “Sanky Panky” by José Enrique Pintor (2007). Fausto Mata, Aquiles Correa and Tony Pascual managed with these characters to become figures of international humor, especially in Puerto Rico. .

In 2013 “Sanky Panky 2” returns and “Sanky Panky 3” is presented in 2018. “Sanky Panky the first part was a success, but it took a long time for the second that did not have the same effect and neither did the third” .

With “Tuberculo Gourmet” (2015) and “Tuberculo Gourmet” (2016) with Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes, Archie López once again conquers the box office of Dominican cinema.

In 2018 Frank Perozo made his debut as director with the film “Que León” and a year later he returned with “Que leones”. The films featured the performance of the singer Ozuna and Clarisa Molina, and they also became the first Dominican film to appear in the Netflix platform.

Also starring in the film are Raymond Pozo, Miguel Céspedes, Celinés Toribio, the Mexican Geraldine Bazán, the Ecuadorian Maria Elisa Camargo, and other actors.