Dominican DJ Dee Espinal, from comedy to musical mixes

Dee Espinal is a famous Dominican actor and influencer based in Miami, Florida, who gained popularity doing comedy in social networks, mainly in Instagram.

Thanks to this he managed to participate in Dominican films such as “A mess in dollars” and “Two policemen in trouble” with Fausto Mata and Sebastián Rulli from director Francis Disla “El Indio” and this year he will be filming the movie “Comedy romance ”in the Dominican Republic with“ El Indio ”.

Now he has found a new passion and works together as a ‘disc jockey’, adding to the work that others do. Famous What DJ Adoni.

A press release states that Dee Espinal It is also known in the city of New York for his talent of doing Stand up comedy in Spanish and English.

His new passion

In March 2021 he published on his social networks @dee_espinal that he has found a new inspiration and made his official launch as DJ.

DJ and comedian, Dee Espinal was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the city of the Bronx, in New York. He currently resides in the city of Miami, Florida, in the U.S.

Calling DJ Dee o DJ Dee Espinal, in such little time DJ Of that he has positioned himself in front of the public that calls him, playing in the best Latin nightclubs in the city of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, between three and four events per night.

After a few months DJ Dee began a tour in the United States, in places like Orlando, North Carolina, Washington DC, New York, New Jersey and the Dominican Republic).

According to a press release, DJ Dee was invited to play the Colombian Festival in Charlotte North Carolina with more than 4000 people in attendance.

Dee Espinal states that one of the people he admires the most is DJ Adoni, with whom he maintains a relationship of friends, even works hand in hand with the businesswoman Laine Miranda who is also a representative.

Thanks to his talents as a humorist, he injects his jokes and comedic advice into his live shows as a mixer.