Dominican fashion celebrates its first award

Fashion is a form of communication, as was implied in the celebration of the first version of the Dominican Fashion Awardsat the La Fiesta theater at the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel.

This event that was presented by Paloma Almonte, Alex Macias and Tania Medina recognized the most outstanding in the different branches that are involved in the fashion industry, it is also an award that seeks to stimulate the growth of the industry.

Among those recognized in the various areas that affect this exponentially growing industry, there are designers, models, stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, photographers, model schools, agencies and many more that help to strengthen the native stamp in this field.

This first version had a jury made up of: Francisco Sanchis, Selinee Méndez, Anny Abatte, Juan Tomas, Iván Balcácer and Elis Mesa.

Featured Collections

During the gala, the collections of Giannina Azar, Leonel Lirio, Robert Flores, Sev by Abigail Silverio from NY were presented, as well as the fashion shows of emerging designers Manuel Febrillet, Koy, Summer Forever and Diosas del Mar.

recognized personalities

They were recognized for their career: the photographer Tiziano De Stefano, the designer Leonel Lirio, the fashion guru Sixto Nolasco, the menswear designer Robert Flores, Letty Rivera as a fashion icon, the fashion journalist Rosario Tifá and the designer Stephen Martinez. Likewise, a posthumous tribute was made to Mercy Jácquez, Arcadio Díaz and Jorge Diep.

Stalin Victoria, CEO of Awards for Dominican Fashionhighlighted that Creole fashion needed an award that celebrates artistic work and clothing, so the Awards for Dominican Fashion awarded the quality of the best exponents, in order to recognize and stimulate the growth of our industry.

Dominican fashion award winners

  • Fashion Photographer: Hairo Rojas
  • Fashion Magazine: Shine Magazine
  • Fashion Blog: Glency Happy
  • Fashion Journalism: Marielle Araujo
  • Model School: Agnes Models
  • Model Agency: Ossygeno Models
  • Male Model: Rafael Mieses
  • Female Model: Lineisy Montero
  • Makeup Artist: Andrews Saldana
  • Hairdresser: Lucy Perrone
  • Fashion Stylist: Joselo Franjul
  • Dominican Brand: Camila Casual
  • Wedding Dress Designer: Luis Dominguez
  • Fantasy and Carnival Costume Designer: Luis Rivas.
  • Featured designer abroad: Giannina Azar
  • Best Collection: Studio 54 by Giannina Azar
  • Children’s Designer: Hopscotch Kids
  • Jewelry and Accessories Designer: Gissel Mancebo
  • Sustainable Fashion: Ozeano Swimwear;
  • Emerging Designer: Mannelik Ortega
  • Chacabanas Designer: Arcadio Diaz
  • Male Designer: José Jhan
  • Female Designer: Rafael Rivero
  • While the Grand Prize of the night went to the designer Giannina Azar.