Dominican fashion stands out in Spain

The Dominican artists Giannina Azar, Martín Polanco, Nina Vásquez, Cenia Paredes and José Jhan once again showed their talent and creativity in the event called “Dominican Fashion in Spain”.

The activity that took place at the Only You Hotel Atocha was sponsored and organized by the Institute of Dominicans Abroad (INDEX Spain), with the collaboration of the Dominican Embassy in Spain, Pro-Dominicana, the Iberia airline, the agency of Club-Chic models,, Victorio Beauty Studio, Madrid Magazine produced by Spring Colors Fashion Show.

The parade, born to project the country brand as well as highlight the fashion designed by Dominican hands, was held this Sunday the 14th.

José Jhan’s production (the first presented in Europe) was marked by his desire to honor the late Jenny Polanco. Trendy colors such as ocher and light tones, similar to those used by Polanco in his designs, reigned in the pieces of the outstanding creator. Materials such as amber, larimar, hallmarks in the artist’s designs, were also present.

At the same time, Nina Vázquez walked the runway in two-piece suits and executive coats, created for contemporary and avant-garde women. The prints stood out, as well as vibrant and striking colors.

The designer Cenia Paredes delighted with her new collection where the variety and waste of glamor and colors gave the magic touch of the night

Martín Polanco’s proposal consisted in the presentation of a risky collection of tailored suits for both women and men, in which eccentric colors (such as vibrant yellow, electric green, or traditional white) were shown in various cuts and textures.

Giannina Azar, nicknamed “The Teacher”, and her particular brilliance, necklines and fringes, closed the activity with a flourish.

With the participation of 3 Nobel talents in the industry.

Among the guests were a large delegation from the RD index and the famous legendary Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Without a doubt it was a night for history.