Dominican influencers dictate the trends of this spring

Along with the arrival of the season in which plants bloom, animals wake up from their hibernation and, basically, the rebirth of nature takes place, the emergence of new trends is not long in coming.

Some of them are popularized by acclaimed influencers and they go hand in hand with everything this station stands for and is known for. On one side, are they looks made entirely of parts denim, which arrive with great force in this season. Although, although it is true that this trend has been going on for a few months, everything indicates that it will be precisely during the spring where it will gain more strength. Little by little, it has been demonstrated how the denim has gradually ceased to be used solely as a material for trousers, becoming the main component of an entire outfit.

Ruffles are also prevailing, details capable of providing fluidity and volume to the garments. They are most often seen adorning dresses and skirts, giving them instant movement. This trend stomped on multiple international catwalks, however, these influencers they have shown how they can be adaptable to a tropical climate and, most importantly, to your personal style. In the case of accessories, hats take center stage. In addition to performing their main function of protecting the skin from sunlight, they fulfill their responsibility as complementary pieces. They are not complex to style and ideal when raising a look. They can be worn together with a casual and relaxed outfit or, on the contrary, with one that is a little more elaborate. Finally, and as expected, floral elements enter the list of spring trends. And it is not surprising that during the season where flora is one of the main themes, it also becomes part of the fashion of the moment. Whether in suits, dresses, tops, skirts and even shoes, flowers are everywhere. In short, a touch that brings color and femininity to any piece.