Dominican Jeep Club celebrates its 15 years

jeep club The Dominican Republic celebrated its 15th anniversary with a meeting, in which the essence of the family was highlighted.

For about two hours those present conversed pleasantly and then proceeded to the part of the speech, in which Ramón González, Jeep sales manager, highlighted the Jeep philosophy of going where you want and doing what you want, maintaining respect for the ecosystem, which has been embraced by this group of friends and makes them part of this club.

Likewise, González highlighted that, thanks to the great acceptance of the brand in the Dominican Republic, the club turned 15 years old, adding more than 800 members and carrying out routes that cross the country in all its parts.


During the celebration, Alvin Ortega was also recognized for his dedication and work in the development and positioning of this platform, a plaque he received from Alexia Carvajal and Melissa Delgado, who are part of the jeep club.

“We have witnessed the effort of a particular person; a gentleman who has been the soul and engine of the jeep club, passionate on a personal and company level, an enthusiast who since the beginning of the Club has been there for each and every one of us. For him it was more than a job, we know how much he enjoyed and the satisfaction he felt when he saw the families and each one of the members sharing in a healthy way, sowing a great sense of friendship and fraternity among all of us who participated”, Delgado stressed.

It should be noted that the Club carries out routes every three weeks and each one has different levels of skill, but they all emphasize taking care of the environment.

The Christmas route

As every year, the members of jeep club de Reid & Compañía SA carry out a special tour for the Christmas season, where they choose a needy community. With this action they cheer up the residents of that area, with the distribution of baskets with basic food products and toys. Relatives of club members also participate in this activity, serving as a source of union and reflection for both members of the jeep club RD as for their relatives.