Dominican rapper Saymol Fyly pleads not guilty to sexual exploitation of minors in Madrid

The Dominican rapper Saymol Fyly, accused by the Spanish authorities of integrating a plot of sexual exploitation in Madrid along with other compatriots, proclaimed his innocence in the case.

Saymol Fyly, 22, commented on his Instagram that he wanted to release a new single, which he showed his followers, but that he felt self-conscious “about everything that is happening” and that “everything I say now in the songs is used against me”.

Then he added: “I am stopping my career, but I am keeping my mind off the hook.”

The urban interpreter, who calls himself “El Hijo de Bartola” (his mother’s name), was implicated by the Spanish police in a case that receives media attention.

He is one of the 37 detainees who the judge has not sent to provisional prison (only 8 have been admitted) in the “Sana” operation.

Saymol has more than 154,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel, almost 64,000 on TikTok, 622 thousand on Facebook and 31.4 on Instagram.

+ Police history

A testimony of one of the victims gave clues to the Spanish Police to free ten minors and arrest 37 implicated in an alleged plot of sexual exploitation in Madrid.

The girl told the management of the Picón del Jarama (Madrid) guardianship center for minors, where she lived; those responsible for this establishment reported the case to the security forces, which triggered the investigation, which was known last Monday.

According to sources from the Madrid regional government, on which that center depends, the investigation revealed that at least three other minors who arrived at protection centers in the region had also been exploited by the same group.

Sources from the police investigation told Efe that nine of the minors were in custody in minors’ centers in Madrid and another in the neighboring province of Guadalajara.

However, from the government of Madrid they assured that the pertinent investigations are carried out to verify if, at some point, these minors were within their protection network.

The Ombudsman asked the Madrid regional authorities to clarify the situation of the released girls and explain the specific protocols that are applied for the early detection of cases of abuse, exploitation or trafficking of minors.

Meanwhile, the Police are investigating if there are more girls in juvenile centers involved in these practices and if some of their workers were aware of such circumstances.

Among those arrested is also a 65-year-old Ecuadorian man, in prison accused of killing another with a punch on August 12, 2021 in Madrid. A judge ordered eight of them to be placed in provisional prison.

+ They fled in the centers

In the investigation, which began last April, the agents discovered that a minor was regularly running away from her place of residence.

During the absences, he had sexual relations with people of legal age in exchange for money or narcotic substances. Other colleagues also carried out the same escapes with the same objective.

The members of the gang contacted them on social networks, gained their trust and, later, used them to offer sexual services to clients to whom they supplied drugs.

In some cases, they were forced to distribute the drugs themselves and, after delivery, were sexually assaulted by the users themselves.

One of the minors remained for three days locked in a room of a house dedicated to drug trafficking and prostitution in a southern Madrid neighborhood, although she managed to escape and ask for help.

After identifying all the people involved, three of them women, the security forces carried out an operation with 150 agents to arrest them at the end of last year.