Dominican Sharlene writes Christina Aguilera’s new song

Sharlene has her fans used to evolving professionally, and that’s exactly what she did during the pandemic. Is that the singer and actress has been dedicated in recent months to write songs for other artists, and opens in the best possible way.

Together with Mario Domm and Federico Vindver he composed “Somos nada”, which premiered in the voice of one of the most important singers in the world pop industry: Christina Aguilera. It is said that since Xtina heard the demo, she loved the lyrics from beginning to end, so she did not hesitate to record it.

But this is not the only good news for the now singer-songwriter. Also on November 12, he launched his song “Dopamine”, the second working hand in hand with his new record label, Warner Music.

Written by herself with Samantha Cámara, produced by Vitto and Renzo, the song shows a quite different side of the Dominican, as it perfectly fuses urban pop with retro sounds.

The video clip was recorded in Mexico, directed by the Venezuelan Gaby Noya. There, what Sharlene wants to convey with “Dopamine” is visually captured, especially by adapting the image to the retro sound of the song.

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