Dominican teenager Kaitlyn Borbón shines on US catwalks

She entered the world of modeling through the front door. At just 13 years old, Kaitlyn Borbón It already has a name made in America. She has curly hair, is lanky, graceful, self-confident and is ready to continue showing her talent on the catwalks of many other powers.

Three years ago he ventured into the area and, since then, it has been smiled with success every time representatives of important international firms observe its appearance. And if her family is proud of the achievements achieved at such a young age, she is happier to be able to raise the name of her country, the Dominican Republic. His father is dominican pure strain, and her mother is Dominican-Chinese.

In the short time she has in modeling, has managed to pose for British Vogue magazine, and act in the popular television series The Blacklist. Too has worked for the clothing brand Five Karats, Habitual and Leanaree.

It is ‘influencer’

“Besides modeling, I love acting and fashion design.” As he expresses it, it shows that both areas will also be successful, since one goes hand in hand with the other.

Kaitlyn is currently ‘influencer’ for Habitual clothing brand, and is a senior in high school.

Although she is an only child, beyond feeling the pampering and overprotection that parents who only have one child tend to give, the adolescent has received the push, the support, but above all, the good ways that you have to have to achieve where she, at her young age, has arrived.

Hence his opinion and that of his parents, regarding how important it is to assume a good level of commitment, regardless of age, to obtain success in everything that is undertaken. Today this young woman testifies that good values ​​count as much as talent and the ability to do things well for oneself, for the family and for the country that is represented.

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