Dominican TV enters analysis, Imaginativa TV 2022 seeks a law and a national television council

Over the years, television continues to face great challenges and overcoming them is part of the mission of the Imaginativa project, which Edilenia Tactuk has assumed, and which this time assumes its fourth version from yesterday until Sunday.

One of these challenges is to see how to put on the table for dialogue the creation of a Television Law, initiated by Roberto Cavada, Miralba Ruiz and José Enrique Pintor. And it is that at the moment television is facing fierce competition, which is digital TV and streaming television.

Through Imaginativa TV, Tactuk proposes creating a discussion table and proposing a national television council that can help producers take important steps, continue working individually and bring a product to viewers that is competitive with the times.

The well-known television producer understands that it is time for the union of producers and owners of television channels to come to fruition. “We cannot continue working individually. Time is telling us that if we don’t really unite, it will be more difficult to face the challenges that await us,” Tactuk explained when talking to LISTÍN DIARIO.

Seeking to strengthen ties and expose the best of Dominican television, Imaginativa TV has installed a modern television studio where the best local TV programs are being broadcast live.

In this project, 15 television channels have joined and 17 live programs will be part of the visual content that the project exposes.

“Imaginativa is like a kind of fashion week in which designers exhibit the best of their creations, so we as producers, through this platform, are bringing the best of Dominican television, live,” he said.

Another aspect pursued by the project also covers the technicians of the television plants, who have the opportunity to receive workshops and training.

“Imaginativa is a mission that seeks to unite all of us who work in television, it is to be able to light the way, integrate everyone in a joint effort and give Dominican television another look.”

the talents

Since the first installment of Imaginativa, Edilenia has made an effort to ensure that new talents find a space to train, make themselves known and find a space to work.

For this fourth edition, a group of young people have already been training for a year both for television and for social networks, and to enter the labor market, as did the communicators, Moisés Salcé, Nelfa Núñez and la y la Youtuber Rosmery Herrand.

“We have had very good results with the talents that we began to train. This year we have not only focused on training them for television, we are also embracing social networks. We are doing a 360 training with them, ”he explained.

“Maita” Award

María Cristina Camilo, the first voice to be broadcast with the arrival of television in the country, in addition to becoming one of the most beloved and respected figures in communication for a long and admirable career, has a very special story with Edilenia.

Tactuk remembers that he met “Maita” as they affectionately call him, because his mother, who was a presenter and they worked together on a project. “Since that time Maita, for me, is a very special human being and this time we want to tell her story, every day at Imaginativa and to honor her we have created the award that bears her name.”

“Maita” is the name of the award that honors the career of María Cristina Camilo and with which ten personalities who have had an impact, with their work, on Dominican television such as Anita Ontiveros, Huchi Lora, Nuria Piera and Ellis Pérez, will be recognized. among other

Imaginativa will include live broadcasts, conversations, the participation of more than 50 figures, and 17 live television programs. A series of 13 conferences will be presented during the 5 days of transmission.

The opening

During the inaugural act of Imaginativa, Mr. Iván Ruiz offered the opening remarks as Director of RTVD channel 4. The outstanding producer celebrated the history of 70 years of television and motivated the emergence of a new era of talent and production.

Fun with Jochy. The presenter Jochy Santos will carry out a special program of Divertido con Jochy on Sunday, November 27, which will be broadcast from 12 noon through Telesistema until 3:00 pm. The producer Roberto Ángel Salcedo gave up the schedule for this tribute program to be carried out.

foreign guests

Wileska Rosario will present for the first time in the Dominican Republic the conference: “How to undertake my story”. She is an expert in management and business growth strategies, consultant, mentor and results Coach. Wileska is the founder and director of Dobleu Consulting, she has a Master in Senior Business Management and Entrepreneurship from CESTE, Business School, Zaragoza, Spain. She is an expert in Management and Direction of Digital Projects; She has worked with government agencies in different countries as well as companies in the United States, including Silicon Valley.

Juan Angustia, is a talented young man who comes directly from GOOGLE with his valuable testimony and the story behind his success. This Dominican leader in the visual aspect and the development of the Google Meet video call application, is a visual designer with 10 years of experience in the areas of Product Design and Technology in various projects for brands such as Comcast, MasterCard, Copa Airlines, among other important brands. world brands.

New Talent with Tony Dandrades

A group of more than 200 talents will be carrying out activities within the production of the event. Tony Dandrades, entertainment presenter, from Primer Impacto Univision will be hosting the celebration of a new generation of media talent.

Since 2016, Dandrades has offered unconditional support to all the initiatives of the Imaginativa platform.


Valuable meetings designed for the young people present to make the most of this edition full of creativity, are intended to promote their dreams. Will be present: Reynaldo Infante, General Manager and co-founder of World Voices, a multilingual audio production company. René Brea, one of the most influential producers of television and shows. Porfirio Piña, director and strategist behind countless successful projects, will offer tools to boost your personal brand.

Lissette Selman will present a meeting called “Everything is in you”, aimed at young communication students. Elias Nariosky director of photography, filmmaker, editor and photographer will touch on the successful strategies of social networks. Nairobi Viloria, reporter, presenter and producer, from Noticias SIN, hold a conversation that will allow her to learn more about her experience in front of the cameras

participating channels

This day dedicated to enhancing quality television has been possible thanks to the support of fifteen television channels. “We greatly appreciate that 15 important television channels have joined this journey. These are Teleantillas, Canal 4, Telemicro, Antena 7, Color Visión, Telesistema 11, Telecentro, Digital 15, Cadena de Noticias, Canal 25, TeleUniverso, Supercanal, Televida, Tv Quisqueya, Vega Tv. We thank its owners and directors, who with great enthusiasm agreed to join again on the same stage,” said Edilenia Tactuk.

World Voices booth

As part of its initiatives to promote the potential of the new generations, Imaginativa will also have a booth where young people can record their voices to house them in the talent bank of the World Voices company of the prestigious communicator Reynaldo Infante, so that they can be considered to be part of television and radio campaigns. World Voices is a multilingual audio production company based in the Dominican Republic, serving around the world.

The activities and schedules of the Imaginativa studio will be open to the public from 9:00 am each day until 9:00 pm at the Teatro La Fiesta of the Hotel Jaragua. More information about the agenda on Instagram @tvimaginativa.