Dominican wins second place in Netflix’s “La Firma”

The young Dominican urban exponent Armando Sanchezbetter known as rmandgot the second place of the reality show “The Firm“which premiered this April on the streaming platform Netflix.

Of the twelve artists seeking to win the grand prize of being signed by the NEON 16 label, the Dominican impressed the judges with his unpublished songs, while the winner of the contest was the Argentine singer Nashy-Nashai.

third place Chile’s Diego Smith won, and Argentina’s Wanda Original, a former participant in the “Canta Conmigo Ahora” contest, won fourth place.

The judges of this first edition were the stars of the urban genre Rauw Alejandro, Tainy, Yandel and Nicki Nicole.

Since he was a child, Rmand played the guitar and showcased her talents on home videos performing songs like Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

The young man has released several albums and twenty singles and is looking for his space in urban music. From his production “En otro mundo” 2022 the themes emerge Budapest, The Wedding, Swaggy, In Another World, My Mommy and I’m Left Alone.

THE FIRM” already in NETFLIX. Very happy and grateful to be part of this and to be able to represent my country, the Dominican Republic, alongside such talented people,” the artist wrote.

After the contest, he debuted a collaboration with Puerto Rican Caleb Calloway.

Rmand’s participation in The Firm

About the contest

Created by producer Lex Borrero, the artists rauw alejandroTainy, Yandel and Nicki Nicole advise and require potential stars to strive to become new talents in Latin music.

The series begins with a first episode, “Start the competition”, with the participation of twelve contestants who arrive at a mansion with only 10 beds, so in order to occupy one they will have to conquer the judges by appearing in one of the best Miami clubs.

In the second episode, titled “Not another love song”, according to Netflix It is about the challenge that the participants face “in a challenge full of broken hearts and emotions that not everyone will overcome” in which they must show their skills as singers.

The third, “Represent your roots”, will mean for the participants, after traveling by private plane to a secret destination, “write about their roots with the guidance of Luny, a Latin Grammy-winning producer.”

Developed by Howard T. Owens and Nikki Boella, “The Firm” features the production of Propagate and NTERTAIN