Dominican Writers on Amazon

With a contagious smile and vivacity in her words, Nilvia Sención is happy. Consider the importance of having your book on the Amazon platform, and that it is among the best sellers.

“I self-published my book in April 2020, and in less than 24 hours it became a Best Seller in three categories, I did not expect it.” With those words, the Dominican writer highlighted her authorial triumph on Amazon’s editorial platform, as well as her communication with her readers.

The work, a week after it was published, was next to the book by the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

“When I saw that my book passed in sales to Mrs. Obama’s, I couldn’t believe it.” And even today she lives excited by what happened at that time. My editorial experience at Amazon is rewarding.

Nilvia Sención is a Dominican who had to travel to the United States due to her son’s diagnosed illness. His first work is based on that experience.

His book has a narrative structure, although at the end of each chapter, a personal reflection is included.

“It is a super strange combination, because it has a linear development, however, it gives the feeling of being in front of a personal growth book.” And still today, she is satisfied with that result.

He viewed Amazon as an editorial “machine,” and communication with it continues to be through reports. It is an effective and functional way that makes you come into direct contact with the results of your sales and the reception of your readers.

The platform is “something very cool” because there is a part that can only be viewed by the authors. It is not your ordinary Amazon.

Writers have the opportunity to visualize the process of selling their book, when it has a more accessible value than that placed to the general public.

“I have the advantage of buying my book cheaper and then marketing it. Thanks to Amazon, I’m also a walking bookstore ”. Sención is proud to publish on Amazon because such space is not limited, but the author can buy and sell his own books.

A work published on that commercial platform does not imply, according to its criteria, being a recognized writer. Luckily, Amazon does not detract from the work and the quality of a work; On the contrary, it offers the opportunity to take it to different parts of the world and when that happens, the emotion is felt and lived twice.

His book “You are a miracle: how to transcend the illness of a loved one” has been a Best Seller in the areas of health, biography, and family. With just one year of its publication, it has sold 3,000 copies.

“I have reached three thousand lives in one year, and that for me means reaching three thousand homes. That is my legacy, having contributed a story of value in 300 pages, of pure love, of pure power, and where it confirms to anyone the existence of a miracle ”. Sención speaks, and is a happy mother. Write, an open window to the soul.

‘You are a Miracle: how to transcend the illness of a loved one’, participated in the International Book Fair in New York. It was also successful at the Santa Elizabeth parish fair, Manhattan NY, as well as the first Dominican Cultural and Book Fair in New York, 2021.

The theme of its volume deals with the before, during and after the birth of Noel, his only son. It is an open window towards acceptance, unconditional love, and the meaning of life.

When questioned by her son, the writer reacted with all the love that a grateful mother can feel, because that child has been the best thing that has happened in her life: “My nono (Noel), is a miracle, a gift” .

Nilvia Sención
She is a native of Santiago de los Caballeros, professional in Business Administration, with a master’s degree in Human Talent. He practiced this career for more than 10 years. And due to his son’s health condition, his life changed radically: “Nobody imagines that his son is going to come into the world with a disease, nobody wants it, nobody thinks about it.” In addition, Sención pointed out the connection of putting his soul story on paper.

Currently, she is an entrepreneurial mother, and lives from coaching and the sale of her book.