Dominicana is awarded in LAVAT Awards

The outstanding broadcaster, talent manager, voice mentor and coach, Patricia Luciano, won the award as “Best presenter of digital events” in the recent delivery of the LAVAT 2021 Awards, a platform that offers the highest recognition of the Voice Industry in Latin America.

Patricia Luciano also obtained two additional nominations such as: Best Professional Profile on Instagram and Best Female Personal Brand, and proudly brings the award to her country, the Dominican Republic.

“I am very grateful, first to God for his blessing in my life for allowing me to bring a new statuette to the Dominican Republic to continue presenting our talents in areas that are novel and that we can tell the world that we are a lot, that we have a lot and that we are ready to continue expanding. And with my family for their unconditional support in every effort I make ”, said Patricia Luciano.i

Recently, Patricia Luciano, became the first Dominican woman to host the awards Latin Podcast Awards (LPA) the only podcasting awards in the world that pay tribute to Latin America, Spain and the United States, produced in Spanish and English, and which also won for the second consecutive year an award for its podcast “Tras la Voz”, with which continues to open borders for creators of this type of content internationally.

In the month of November, Patricia Luciano also obtained third place in the 9th edition of the Latam Digital awards in the Best Personal Brand category, also with Kastaco his talent management application was awarded second place in the Best New App category These awards recognize the Digital Industry throughout Latin America.

Patricia Luciano, a communications entrepreneur, continues to make her way internationally in a bold and unstoppable way, standing out as one of the best voices in the Dominican Republic and Latin America.

About Patricia Luciano

Passionate about speech, and everything related to communication. With more than 15 years of experience as a commercial voice, announcer, producer, TV Host, Radio Host and more than 7 years as a media director. This love for his profession led him to create the first and only APP in the Dominican Republic focused on talent management: KASTACO.

During her career, she has had the opportunity to be a producer of large events, offer voice over consultancies. Certified speaker, founder of the first group dedicated to the free training of communicators: EL BANQUITO, as well as Co-host of the Master Minds program together with the renowned Dominican coach, Fénix Pérez.

Nominated among greats of international locution in the awards of the Directory of Talents in Mexico in the category of Most Creative Demo (category that evaluated both creative interpretation and pieces within it). Current Secretary of International Affairs of the Circle of Broadcasters of the Dominican Republic. Speaker at the “One Voice Conference” in Dallas in the Associations Panel represents the Latin American Broadcasters Association.