Don Omar on his relationship with Daddy Yankee: “We have not been friends for a single day of our lives”

Didn’t you forgive him? Don Omar and Daddy Yankee are considered within the list of the greatest exponents of reggaeton and the pioneers of the urban genre, who, despite having spent more than two decades, are still in force. However, after great successes such as the remix “Hasta Abajo”, the artists distanced themselves and have created a strong enmity. In addition, according to the latest statements by Don Omar, they were never friends.. What separated Puerto Ricans?

William Omar Landrón Rivera, better known as Don Omar, He participated in an interview with producer El Chombo for his YouTube channel and revealed details of his relationship with Daddy Yankee. The singer also said that the interpreter of “Gasolina” committed a series of abuses that led him to distance himself from the artist.

“I think everyone knows that Raymond (Daddy Yankee) and I have not been friends for a single day of our lives I don’t think either of us is interested in being friends with either of them,” he said.

Don Omar He said that the relationship with the rapper deteriorated when, in 2013, he wanted to go on a tour called “Don versus Don” and contacted Raphael Pina, who suggested joining Daddy Yankee to put on an impressive show. This is how “The kingdom tour” began, but it was abandoned in 2015 by the singer of “Pobre diabla” due to the attitudes of his partner.

“The front pages of the newspapers are bought. In an equation where there are two people, if I didn’t buy the cover, who did? The second day of the show in Puerto Rico I arrived with the newspaper in my hand, I put it on the table, they told me that it would not happen again and I told them of course, that it would not happen because I am the first that I will come more”, he specified.