Don Víctor Yaipén Uypan extinguished 67 candles and said: “I will sing until the last day of my life”

Affected by a serious picture of diabetes, but with all his batteries on and his faith intact, the founding director of the Candela orchestra, Víxtore Yaipén Uypan, celebrated his 67th birthday in style.

The veteran interpreter from Monsefu, was moved by the series of surprises that his loved ones made him and even sang the song “Yellow Bird” live with great solvency, with the group that his children direct today.

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“I was born to sing and I will do it until the last day of my life, music is the greatest thing that God gave me, as well as my family and my audience, who also became part of me thanks to art,” said the so-called “Patriarch of northern cumbia, while all those attending the celebration applauded him and chanted the songs he performed on the evening.

The last party they had thrown for him was three years ago. Before, it was not possible due to the terrible health crisis, which had the world in suspense.

The meeting was attended by his brothers Javier and Walter, owners of the Yaipén Brothers orchestra, as well as other relatives and friends from various fields.

On social networks, many of his followers offered him their congratulations and words of encouragement. “Blessings to you and your entire family”, “Mr. Yaipén, I am proud of your strength and talent, keep going”, “May there be many years, teacher”, among other phrases were read.


Undoubtedly, one of the most emotional moments of the night was when some of his grandchildren took the stage to show that they inherited his artistic vein.

They sang the song “Your jail” live, while Don Víctor watched happily and applauded when he saw his little ones showing that they would follow in his footsteps in music, just like his children.

“I feel surprised and happy for the talent of my grandchildren, that they continue my musical legacy,” he expressed when thanking them for their gesture of love.

It should be noted that he is the founder of Grupo 5 with his brothers, Elmer, Walter and Javier. Almost four decades ago he separated from them to form the Candela orchestra, with which he toured Peru and various countries around the world.

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