Donnie Yaipén: why did you resign from Hermanos Yaipén after 20 years and what will be the future of the orchestra?

Donnie Yaipen issued a statement through their networks to confirm their withdrawal from Yaipen Brothers. In the letter, the musician specifies that he will carry in his memory all the moments lived for more than 20 years with the group and thanked his most loyal fans for all the support. “There were more than two decades of a lot of effort, joy, travel, recordings, sunrises and a lot of music,” he said.

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Donnie Yaipén explains the reason for his departure from Hermanos Yaipén

Donnie Yaipen He confirmed that his stage as a singer of Hermanos Yaipén came to an end to work for another of his dreams: to open a path as a soloist.

“My time at Hermanos Yaipén has come to an end so that I can fulfill my dreams as an independent artist, focus on my artistic career, start building a future for my family and, above all, grow professionally. From now on I have finished my work period in the orchestra, closing the work relationship but not the family one”reads the publication.

Donnie Yaipén leaves the family orchestra after twenty years of work. Photo: Instagram

Yaipén brothers: who could replace Donnie Yaipén?

After the departure of Donnie Yaipena place is free up front and fans eagerly await our face of the group, while the orchestra is led by the brothers Walter and Javier Yaipen. Just a few weeks ago Angelo Fukuy He surprised locals and strangers by appearing with Hermanos Yaipén at a concert in Piura and after that, users related the artist to his possible return to the cumbia group.

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Donnie Yaipén and his facet as a father

Donnie Yaipen He often shares family photos on his social networks, and he proves to be a proud father of his children. In April 2022, the young musician excitedly revealed that his partner was expecting his third child.

“With great emotion we want to tell you that we are going to be parents. And that we are very happy to be able to share this news with you, which was very exciting for our families”he wrote on his official Instagram account.

Donnie Yaipén proudly shows his family. Photo: Instagram/Donnie Yaipén