Dorita Orbegoso excited to return to television with “El jirón del humor”

The comic actress Dorita Orbegoso leaves behind all the problems with her ex-partner, Paul Donayre and returns to focus again on his most artistic side, this after announcing his integration into the cast of the new program of latin “Sliver of Humor”, to be released next April . The program will also include in its cast “Chino Risas”, ‘Cachay’‘Cara de Chancho’, ‘Pato’ Ovalle, Jhonny Carpincho and the person in charge of the artistic direction, Rodolfo Carrión.

“Thank God for this new opportunity to return to television with this program, to my mother who is always with me behind every good news and to my family who is always praying for me. Few know how much I wanted my son to see me on TV and he can be proud of me, ”said the model with great emotion while she also thanks latin for the opportunity.

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As the model and comedian is remembered Dorita Orbegoso He was involved in several conflicts during the past weeks due to the legal conflicts he had with the father of his youngest daughter, Paul Donayre whom he denounced for physical and psychological abuse. One of the accusations against her ex-partner was the complications that it caused her to be able to work due to the humiliations she suffered, as she told it before the cameras of Magaly Tv: La Firme.

However, despite this situation, Dorita Orbegoso has managed to reinvent herself and while the legal conflicts with her ex-partner continue, she smiles once again excited about her return to television at the hands of latin. The model and comedian also reveals that she is excited to know that shred of humor It will be released in April, the month in which his youngest son celebrates one more year of life.

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Jirón del Humor prepares drums for its launch in Latin America

A little less than two weeks after the premiere of “Sliver of Humor”the new humorous program of latin, the surprises still continue despite the presentation of a large number of well-known traveling comedians, so a new pull for the show is expected to be announced in the coming days. In the last spot presented, the Chinese Laughter With cachay amazed to see how an elevator opens thus presenting the arrival of a figure not yet confirmed.

For his part, the artistic director of the program Rodolfo Carrión, better known as felpudini called on the population not to criticize or judge the traveling comedians who will be featured in “The wisp of smoker” before its premiere, because this new proposal will present changes and the evolution that the artists have given. “The most important thing here is that that karma that they have made rude is part of yesterday” Felpudini sentences.