Dorita Orbegoso: Why did your relationship with Luigui Carbajal end in the midst of controversy?

The relationship between Dorita Orbegoso and Luigi Carbajal It was one of the most famous in the world of ‘Chollywood’. At that time, it was believed that her sentimental situation with the former Skándalo boy would have started before he separated from the ex-soccer player ‘Chemo’ RuizIn 2012, the comedic actress decided to put the criticism aside and focus on her new relationship.

Know the real reason why the love story of Dorita Orbegoso and Luigi Carbajal. In this note from El Popular we tell you about it.

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Why did Dorita Orbegoso end her relationship with Luigui Carbajal?

It was in 2015 that Dorita Orbegoso publicly announced the end of her relationship with Luigi Carbajal. At first it was speculated that the ex-singer would have been unfaithful to her with her beauty salon stylist, but this would not have been the reason why Dorita Orbegoso decided to end their story with Luigui Carbajal.

In the old program Magaly Medina“The pure truth”, the model revealed the real reason why she ended her relationship with Luigi Carbajalin which he stated that he had not worked since the comic show “Recargados de risa” ended.

“I didn’t break up with him because of infidelity. I didn’t break up with him because they involved me with someone else. I ended up with him because I got bored. I got tired of thinking about the future while your partner didn’t. Although it is true, Luis Carbajal is a person who has worked on a comedy show. The program ended a year and a half ago. What has he done in all that time? What did he do? He was my partner, he accompanied me to send the invoices, but what did he work on? I worked”, commented Dorita Orbegoso.

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Dorita reveals that Luigui Carbajal was flirtatious

The model reported that her ex Luigui Carbajal was flirtatious with the girls who work with Dorita, which is why these actions made Dorita decide to no longer have a relationship with Luigui. “She was flirtatious in that sense, because the times she hired a staff, Luigui asked her: Are you with a boyfriend? How much time do you have with him? How beautiful you are, “said Dorita Orbegoso.

Luigui Carbajal currently gives his opinion about Dorita Orbegoso

Luigui Carbajal was a guest on the “Préndete” program in which he was asked about his ex, Dorita Orbegoso, but he decided not to talk about personal issues that the Cañetana dancer lives. “I prefer not to comment, they are very personal issues, we better talk about important things that refer to me,” said the singer who asked to be asked about him and not about Dorita.