Dorita will prosecute her ex-partner Pablo Donayre for her son’s alimony: “She has not deposited until now”

Dorita Orbegoso announced that he will take legal action against his ex-partner Pablo Donayre, who is the father of his son, with the aim of making him responsible for paying the alimony that corresponds to the minor. As you remember, the comic actress from “Jirón del humor” revealed in the program “Magaly TV, the firm” that her ex-boyfriend only deposited 700 soles every two months, which would not cover the expenses required by the little one of both public figures.

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Dorita denounced her ex-partner Pablo Donayre

The model Dorita Orbegoso made a complaint on the Magaly Medina program. She accused her ex-partner Paul Donayre of only transferring the sum of 700 soles of maintenance to his son, an amount that he would be paying every two months. In the report it was learned that the defendant receives 4,700 soles a month and that in his networks he boasts of high-value trips and purchases. On the other hand, the cheerleader also said that she was the victim of physical aggression when she was pregnant.

“He gave me, since 2022, 700 soles every two or three months. Since he had nothing in his name, the judge decided that he should spend 2,800 soles per month. As it was shown that he has not been complying with that, my lawyer requested the impediment to leave the country (…) The lawyer is asking for 5,000 soles; an agreement can be reached, but 700 soles?” he said.

YOU CAN SEE: Dorita Orbegoso denounces Pablo Donayre for physical abuse during her pregnancy

Dorita Orbegoso will go to trial with Pablo Donayre

After weeks of having made public the disinterest of Paul Donayre With her son’s alimony, Dorita Orbegoso revealed that the minor’s father still has not made the corresponding maintenance payment. For this reason, she affirmed that she will wait as long as necessary to start a trial in order to achieve justice for what corresponds to the minor.

“He does not deposit until now. He has deposited only two months, before he deposited every four months, only 700 soles, but I have to wait six months to make an accrual judgment, ”he told Trome.

Dorita Orbegoso made a public complaint on the Magaly Medina program. Photo: composition LR/ ATV

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