Dr. Eduardo Gotuzzo: “You have to lead a normal life, but take care of yourself”

In recent days, the number of infections per COVID-19 it has increased in our country. The peruvian soccer has not been alien to this phenomenon, since the clubs of the League 1 have announced that some players are infected by coronavirus.

The doctor Eduardo Gotuzzo gave an interview to Radio Ovación and referred to this issue. The doctor pointed out that footballers can lead their normal lives, but keeping the care of the case.

“You have to lead a normal life, but take care of yourself. If you look at the photos of Messi, he was celebrating at a party. Obviously he was going to be infected even if he was vaccinated. The vaccine helps you not have serious forms, but you have to take care of yourself yes or yes ”, manifested.

“The players, as well as the coaches and the referees, have to take regular tests before the games. If they are going to open to the public, they have to be vaccinated and not more than 30 percent “, added the doctor.

In the afternoon, Sporting Cristal reported that 13 members of his staff tested positive for COVID-19. For this reason, the celestial team decided to suspend their friendly against Ayacucho FC, which was scheduled to be played on Saturday, January 8 in Florida.

So far, the name of the infected footballers is not known. However, the Rímac team indicated that the infected elements are in isolation and under the supervision of the club’s medical department.