Dr. Gotuzzo on Guerrero: “He has broken a rule and has put many people at risk”

In the midst of sanitary restrictions due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in our country, Paolo Guerrero held a party for his 38th birthday. The doctor Eduardo Gotuzzo gave an interview to Radio Ovación and criticized the behavior of the captain of the Peruvian national team.

Guerrero did not behave well, he has broken a rule and has put many people at risk, including himself. The infections have increased too much in recent weeks, health systems are saturated, etc. There is a personal responsibility, but also a social one ”, he pointed out.

“A professional player must be responsible, not only for his work, but because he represents a country. In that sense, I don’t think everyone can do what they want, but at a time of pandemic it is wrong. It is not helpful for the idols of children or young adults to find themselves in wrong activities or behavior, “added the doctor.

On the other hand, Eduardo Gotuzzo He referred to the measure established by the Government that does not allow the public to enter stadiums. “Everything will depend on the following days, if the infection rate continues to grow, I think it would not be appropriate to have the match with the public but to do so, it would not be with more than 20%, and that is with masks “, he indicated.

“The example of the stadiums in Europe where they do not wear masks is a bad example, as it is a huge source of contagion. The commission should make decisions in accordance with the coordination with the Ministry of Health ”, added the infectologist.