Driver drags thief for several meters when he tried to assault him in Ecuador

A driver dragged a criminal who wanted to assault him for several meters when his vehicle was parked on a desolate street in Quevedo, an Ecuadorian city located 250 kilometers southwest of Quito.

On Saturday, January 1, the security cameras of the La Salud neighborhood captured the precise moment in which two thieves on board a motorcycle intercepted a car. One of the criminals got out and attacked the driver and the occupants through one of the rear windows.

At that moment, the vehicle started with the intention of stopping the robbery, but the attacker was trapped in the window and was dragged for several meters. They were followed by the other malefactor on a motorcycle who gave assistance to his partner when he detached himself from the window of the vehicle and fell to the ground without signs of injury.

Although the video was released by the media, so far there has been no confirmation that the victim has reported this event.

The event frustrated by the driver of the vehicle is one of the most common types of robbery and assault in Quevedo. Criminals use motorcycles to commit crimes because they are vehicles that allow them a quick escape, Infobae reports.

This is not the first time that victims have reacted in this way in defense of their safety. In August of last year in Quevedo, two criminals were run over during a robbery and one died after they were rammed by the vehicle of a driver who had been assaulted moments before.