Drowned? Jefferson Farfán wanted to clean his skin and vaporizer caused him a curious reaction [VIDEO]

Jefferson Farfán’s style. While he spends his days training in La Videna for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, the ‘Foquita’ shared a publication this Thursday that generated various reactions from his followers, fans of the peruvian team and users in general. What happened?

And it is that the ’10 of the street ‘uploaded a video of what was his visit to the barbershop, where he did some touch-ups to look much better. For this, he also decided to have a facial cleansing as shown in images and, as expected, it did not go unnoticed by Internet users.

Jefferson Farfán attracted attention on Instagram

According to his recent Instagram Stories, the figure of Alianza Lima who returned to League 1 to get him champion showed how they applied the facial steamer. The moment was not long in being recorded by the footballer himself, who wore a barber cape and a towel on his head that protected his hair.

Although it is a scene of the most normal of his visit to this establishment, the truth is that he did not stop capturing the attention of netizens when they saw his apparent reaction to the steam in a unique way. Did you notice it?

This was the scene starring Jefferson Farfán in the barbershop