Dry law: when does the 2021 elections start and end in Chile?

This Sunday, November 21, the presidential elections will be held in Chile starting at 8:00 a.m. before the important event of Chilean democracy, which will allow meeting the successor of Sebastián Piñera, the dry law will be implemented, a measure that is given always before elections and makes the sale of alcohol impossible.

According to article 116 of the law on popular votes and ballots, the sale of alcohol will be prohibited between 5:00 am on November 21 and two hours after the close of the elections.

“On the day of the election or plebiscite, between five hours in the morning and two hours after the close of voting commercial establishments will not be able to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises or outside of it, excepting only the hotels with respect to the passengers who stay overnight in them ”, states the article.

Likewise, the dry law indicates that the Chilean police, who are the force in charge of public order, will arrange the closure of the enclosures in which this provision is violated, since the regulations also establish that on Sunday, up to two hours after the close of voting, “Mass sports, artistic or cultural shows or events may not be held.”

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications reported the details of the operation of public services in the Chilean territory, where it was detailed that in the case of the Metropolitan Region, Metro de Santiago will run free of charge and will begin its operation at 7:00 am with what it will advance an hour with respect to the hours of operation of a traditional Sunday. The closing shift will be held at 11.00 pm

In the same way, it was indicated that the ticket will be free, but it is necessary that all travelers validate their Bip Card! which will be the one that will mark zero cost.

During election days, it is declared unwaivable holiday so most of the commerce in Chile must close, as well as some services. Likewise, all the people who must work during the day have to be authorized by their employers and will have a permit to exercise their right to vote within a period of two hours.

If there are impediments for the person to be able to vote or fulfill their role as table member, This must be reported to the Labor Inspection and Police. The fines for not complying with the regulations range from 5 to 20 UTM to the employer for each worker affected.