Duilio Vallebuona and Dorita Orbegoso were a couple in “Combate”?

Duilio Vallebuona was one of the guests on the YouTube program “COMFM”, where he revealed unpublished details about his time on the famous and well-remembered competition program “Combat”. As expected, one of the questions that he did or did have to answer was about the amount he was paid when he was a reality boy, and he did not hesitate to mention the love relationship he had with Michela Elias and the closeness he had with Dorita Orbegoso. What was it that she said?

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Did Duilio Vallebuona and Dorita Orbegoso have an affair?

The professional tennis player He is away from the small screen, but he decided to take some time to visit his former co-workers Mario Irivarren and “China” Fabianne on their Youtube program, in order to tell how his time on the ATV program was.

In this way, it is that in the first minutes of the program the athlete spoke about romance with Michela Elías, with whom he lasted two years of love affair, it was so that while he was recounting his love story with the model, it was the popular “China” who reminded him of the name Dorita Orbegosoto which the exboy reality confessed that he only “played” with the former comedic actressmaking reference that everything was part of the show.

Likewise, the model confessed that orbegoso He always defended him in live competition reality shows, because he didn’t know how to express himself in front of cameras and he didn’t know how to act when faced with comments from Michelaso the former partner of Luigui Carbajal did not hesitate to stand up for him, a fact that made his then partner very jealous.

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What professional career did Duilio Vallebuona study?

The Peruvian athlete and model, duilio vallebuona He graduated in Business Administration from the University of Piura, after studying that professional career for 11 years. In this way, it is that in October 2021, the ex reality boy He shared photos of his graduation on his official Instagram account and was quite happy.

“University graduate at last! Two years after what was due due to the pandemic and 11 years after entering the university”, wrote the former participant of “This is war“.

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How much did Duilio Vallebuona earn as a reality boy?

The professional athlete He revealed that the first competition program that he belonged to was for “Reto de Campeones”, which was broadcast by Latina, but although he was told that his salary would be 9,000 soles, he only received 4,000 since his manager kept the rest, a fact that later Duilio realized that he was cheating him.

Likewise, his second television house was “Esto es Guerra” and there they paid him 12,000 soles, but he also commented that when he belonged to “Combate” his salary was less than that on channel 4, since the amount he was offered was 9,000 soles.