Duilio Vallebuona confesses that he did not know that Samantha Batallanos had a boyfriend: “We are just friends” [VIDEO]

With him it is not. After being supported by kissing in a double ampay, Duilio Vallebuona broke his silence about Samantha Batallanos, and surprised with his statements, as he made it clear that he had no idea that she had a boyfriend, and that he prioritizes her pet.

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In the last edition of Magaly TV The Firm, Last night, Wednesday, November 23, the tennis player broke his silence when he was approached by the program’s cameras and reaffirmed to the reporter that what worries him the most is his lost puppy, which has been missing for a week now.

“I’m looking for my puppy. The truth is that I’m quite sad. Sorry, thank you,” was what he said Duilio Vallebuona, that was intercepted just outside Plaza Camacho, a well-known shopping center located in the La Molina district. However, this was not all, since he also talked about her boyfriend.

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Duilio Vallebuona did not know about Samantha Batallanos’ partner

moments later, duilio vallebuona He responded through his official social networks a message from the production of Magaly TV The Firmand stated that he did not know about the partner of Samantha Batallanos.

“I didn’t know anything about anything. We’re just friends, she helped me paper all over Mala with posters of my puppy and I’m grateful, but I really would love for them to talk about my puppy, because I can’t find him for 7 days,” he said.