Duilio Vallebuona offers an AMAZING REWARD for his puppy: “A ticket to Romeo Santos and S/ 400” [FOTO]

Nothing is going well. Duilio Vallebuona is going through one of the hardest moments that any animal lover could go through because his puppy was lost a few days ago, and so far there is no sign of it. So he decided to take an important measure.

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In recent days, the tennis player has been on everyone’s lips due to his ampay with Samantha Batallanos, who was also caught kissing Jonathan Maicelo. However, he has also suffered because there is still no whereabouts of his pet, and this time he took the bull by the horns.

To get more people to join your causeDuilio Vallebuona He appealed to the tastes of Peruvians and decided to offer a striking reward to those who help him to bring his puppy back home: A ticket to the Romeo Santos concert and S / 400.

“Tanque disappeared on Wednesday the 16th in Mala. She is less than 6 months old. Any information please call 999278303 and ask for Claudia. Please share ”, was the message that she shared on her social networks in favor of her puppy, who has been missing for more than a week.

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Users join Duilio Vallebuona in the search for his puppy

This publication of duilio vallebuona It has not gone unnoticed, and it has already been disseminated by other entertainment figures, as Austin Palao did in the stories of his official Twitter account. instagram.

Let’s remember that a few days ago, users also spoke about it, and spread the search for the former Combate member’s dog about his ampay with Samantha Batallanos.