Duilio Vallebuona pronounces himself on ampay with Samantha Batallanos: “We are just friends”

The ampay of Samantha Batallanos continues to give what to talk about. This time, Duilio Vallebuona, one of the protagonists of the controversial images, spoke about his relationship with the model and former beauty queen, who was also captured with the boxer Jonathan Maicelo.

The program “Magaly TV, the firm” contacted the former reality boy to give his version of what happened in the ampay with Samantha Batallanos. The young athlete did not want to give further details when he was approached by a reporter from the Magaly Medina space, He only managed to say that he was looking for his puppy, which has been missing for days.

However, shortly after, he sent a written message to the journalist. There, he clarified that he does not have an affair with the former Miss Grand Peru and distanced himself from those rumors that link them.

“I’m going to keep quiet, thanks for asking, I’m just going to tell you that Yeah, we’re just friends and I didn’t know anything”, expressed the former member of “Combate”.

“She helped me paper all over Mala with my puppy’s posters and I’m grateful, but I really would love for them to talk about my puppy that I can’t find for seven days,” he added.

For her part, Samantha Batallanos asked the production of Magaly Medina not to broadcast the images because she has a formal partner, but she did not reveal her identity. “Don’t take that out, please, I’m skinny, I ask you as a favor”, he expressed. On social networks, some users They assured that it was Duilio Vallebuona.

The boxer Jonathan Maicelo also spoke about the ampay with Samantha Batallanos, in which they both appear kissing. As he indicated, he knew that the model had a boyfriend.